Vocal Ensemble

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

Mr.Charland working with vocal music students in class.

On January 13th, six Fraser High School students attended the annual District 16 Vocal Solo and Ensemble event at Chippewa Valley High School. Four of the students were sophomores and two of the students were juniors. The event had students from many different schools in Macomb County and each student had to prepare two songs. The two songs had to be classical pieces with contrasting styles from each other, one of the songs being in a different language, that the students had to perform from memory. The students were rated by music teachers and professors from Michigan and were rated in different categories. Some categories were based on how the student presented themselves, the interpretation of the songs, and the accuracy of their musicality. All the students are in First Division and were rated out of 30 points. The six students were Jenna Cotey with a score of 24, Nina Cottrell with a score of 25, Sarah Wallace with a score of 25, Marisa Hochberg with a score of 29, Marissa Rogers with a perfect score of 30, and  Brooke Arnold also with a perfect score of 30. Congratulations to all the students for their success and impressive scores.

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