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FHS school announcements

Allie Gibson, Author



Over the past few weeks, Fraser’s National Honors Society hosted a charity contest for the Fraser food pantry. Certain teachers were assigned boxes outside of their classrooms and who ever had the most canned goods in their box gets to perform in their own music video for the whole school to see. When asked who came up with the creative idea and what it was for, Ms. Taravella says, “The idea was a collective effort from NHS officers, administration, and NHS sponsors. Proceeds will be sent to Goodfellows and used to restock the pantry located in FHS.” NHS member Steven Razzouk says, “We hope to get everyone involved in a charity outreach that is fun for everyone.”

While the contest was being held, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ohrt and ask how he feels, being one of the contestants, about the idea. He believes that “This is a great way to fundraise and benefits not only the community but also students and their families who are in need. The Fraser Pantry is a great way to reach out to those who are in need in a way that doesn’t embarrass people. It allows them to reach out for help without having to publicize that they need help.” And with the possibility of having a shot at winning the music video contest, I just had to ask if there was a possibility of Mr. Ohrt performing a music video for his ‘theme song’,“Mr. Ohrt” by Frasers very own No Milk Band. Ohrt mentions he’s not opposed to anything fun as long as it sends a positive message because, after all, that’s what high schools all aboutJ


As the contest came to a close, we’ve collected a total of 2473 canned food items to restock the Fraser Pantry. A good portion of what was collected came from Mr. Dalida’s college chemistry class with a total of 1643 items alone! Thank you all so much for making a difference for our community! Now in regard to having a winner for this competition…If you would like to see who won, go ahead and check out the link to see if your favorite teacher/administrator won.





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