Taylor Swift “Reputation” Album Review

Taylor Swift

Haylee Higgins

When an artist releases an album, there are certain goals they must achieve. Most successful artists organize their songs in such a way that they all blend with each other somehow. For example, there are albums that either are all slow songs, or all upbeat songs. Even the ones with a mix of both even the tone and musicality to the point of similar rhythm.

Taylor Swift, a country girl turned pop, recently released her album Reputation. The album was first introduced when she released her first single from it, “Look What You Made Me Do”. The song was not her first pop song, but it was significantly different than her other songs. The song had a variety of responses from different generations of people.

 The album starts off with a very upbeat song called “Ready For It”, which is another one of her singles from this album. It has a very strong beat and a lot of style changes throughout the song. Because it is the first song on the album, it is meant to introduce what you should expect throughout the rest of the album. However, the majority of her songs have a calmer beat and slower tempo, thus making the first song very misleading.

Taylor has been expressing to the media about how she will be breaking away from her classic style into something new, hence the album title Reputation. However, her song has many songs that are almost too similar to one another. She has songs in the album that I would personally consider classic Taylor love songs. They aren’t country, but they aren’t an original style, either.

All in all, she has many great songs in the album and I genuinely enjoyed listening to them all. My personal favorites are “Gorgeous”, a single from the album, and “Don’t Blame Me”. “Gorgeous” is an upbeat love song, but it is one of the ones that I would consider classic Taylor. “Don’t Blame Me” has an element to it that I didn’t hear in her other songs.

Taylor Swift will always be stuck with the reputation of a girl who writes songs about her exes, and tried to release cheesy pop-songs. However, there is no denying that Taylor has made a name for herself in the industry. Her music is known to always do well, and Reputation can, and will have the same effect.

No matter how you feel about Taylor Swift, I recommend giving the album a listen.

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