Central Station Food Review

Cobb Salad
Cobb Salad served at Central Station
Credit: Savanna DiStefano

I was greeted with an excited “hello” and a gleaming smile from a waitress with bright eyes when walking into the small, family- friendly Central Station Restaurant on the north- west corner of Garfield and Moravian. With a very laid-back, easy going attitude, the woman insisted that I sit wherever I chose.

Finding my way to a wooden table against the olive green and beige wall, I sat comfortably in the booth with a soft red seat and colorful back. I opened my tall menu and observed the items available for my rumbling stomach to devour for breakfast.

The first two pages of the menu were replete with delicious breakfast options. From stuffed French toast, multiple flavored crepes, and home-made breakfast sandwiches. It was difficult to pin-point exactly what it was that would wholly satisfy my watery mouth.

Looking for a healthier alternative for a delicious breakfast, I focused my eyes on the list of “35 Great Omelets,” which held many unique types of omelets like taco, gyro, and steak and cheese. If something different feels uneasy, classics like bacon and cheese, turkey and Swiss, and vegetarian are also available. For a meat lover, the Heart Attack option is available.

As for me, I ordered the Heart Smart omelet, which was loaded with vegetables. Sliced mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and diced tomatoes were all used to incorporate flavor into the carefully, well cooked, eggs. My whole meal took up one long plate, while soft, butter hash browns filled one half, my lengthy and some-what thin, omelet filled any space left.

I was also able to try the silver dollar pancakes, which came even larger than I expected. The fluffy, but light, home-style hot cakes brought comfort like a mother’s warm breakfast on a chilly winter morning. With Log Cabin maple syrup poured on top, the warm golden cakes nearly melted within my mouth.

Accompanying the delicious pancakes were four browned sausage links, which were hardly crisp on the outside and extremely, wonderfully tender within. Not highly spiced, the meat did not leave a mix of several different spices in my mouth like most sausage I have tried.

The restaurant is only open until 4:00pm, but it has great dishes for lunch and early dinners. After breakfast time, one would find a larger extension of choices ranging from pita sandwiches, several types of hamburgers, Coney dogs, fresh salads, and a list of sandwiches as long as a child’s Christmas list.

The Cobb salad is a favorite afternoon meal. Crisp iceberg lettuce, grilled white chicken, tomato, onion slices, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, topped with real crisp bacon crumbled on top and sprinkled with white and yellow shredded cheese is served in a clear bowl, which was probably meant to be used for punch. The salad is large enough to serve at least two people.

The chicken is like the center piece of the salad. The thick slices are marinated to make them extra juicy and tender to capture your taste buds in a warm bundle of flavor. The white shredded cheese sprinkled in the salad slightly melted against the chicken as well, adding a barely cheesy taste, and everything tastes better with a little cheese.

The salad comes with a side of grilled, soft, warm, flat bread. The triangular slices of the tender bread melted in my mouth like butter being heated in the microwave.

For someone who enjoys hamburgers better than leaves and raw veggies, a classic hamburger is always a great choice. The thick hamburgers are homemade, cooked carefully. The burger does not have an overwhelming sense of spices but reminds one of a classic American burger with a taste from home. The meat comes on two large toasted sesame seed buns with a fresh leaf of lettuce, a thick slice of tomato, dill pickles, and an option of cheese.

The cooks at the Central Station restaurant cook their food as if they are cooking for family. The service is welcoming and friendly, and someone is able to feel completely comfortable enjoying his or her meal. The restaurant has received 4.5 stars out of five on menuism.com.

“A small but great restaurant‎ with excellent food. It’s only open for breakfast & lunches until 4:00 PM – well worth a visit. The soups and hamburgers are also outstanding.‎ A friendly staff – that tries very hard to please,” a customer said on menuism.com.