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Dua Lipa Has New Rules And A Hit

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

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Dua Lipa is a 22 year old London singer who released her debut album, Dua Lipa. From her debut album is New Rules, a dance pop song that has become a hit. New Rules, with over 600 millions views on youtube, is about a girl getting over a boy and becoming a strong, independent women with new rules for herself.  The song is a pop, dance, and electronic song that is rhythmic. Her raspy and deep voice with this pop dance song creates a juxtaposition of her raspy voice with this dance beat that makes it sound really cool. The music and her voice balance with each other really well and doesn’t make it boring or annoying. Her voice just fits perfectly with the song; however, during the chorus her voice is autotuned and her voice is drowned out with the music. It would have been better if it was just the music playing in the chorus because her voice just sounds weird. It also happens again with the outro of the song where her voice sounds like it’s drowning from the music. It would be better if she left it with just the music or didn’t autotune her voice. Her voice is so nice and strong, there is no need for auto tune. Then the lyrics are really nice and encouraging. Most break up songs are cheesy or nothing special, but New Rules is helpful and encourages to be strong through breakup. It talks about being sad, but also feeling better, stronger, and learning from the relationship. The lyrics are not too basic, too cheesy, too sappy, and just right. Overall the song is nice, cool, and it’s understandable why New Rules is a popular song.

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Dua Lipa Has New Rules And A Hit