The Wealth Of Health

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The Wealth Of Health





Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

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In middle school students are taught about health education and learn about the effects of drugs, disease, and sex. Schools teach kids about drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, and diseases that are from sex;  but schools, mainly in America, don’t do a good job of teaching students about health.

Schools mostly talk about bad foods and peer pressure, but don’t teach sex education, mental health, and drugs well in class. Also, schools wait until middle school to teach health education and talk to students about sex when they should be teaching kids earlier so they are more prepared for middle school and more prepared for peer pressure in middle school.

Health Education should be taught earlier and talk more about health than just peer pressure and bad foods.

Health education does not teach about sex well and overlook the diseases from sex. Classes teaches about aids and h.i.v in a few classes and then don’t talk about it ever again. There should be more discussions about diseases, protection from sex, utis, and explain how sex works

Many people don’t know about utis and how the body reacts to having sex for the first time, and classes need to explain sex more and talk more about protection. Classes should also talk about birth control pills and protection because many teens have unsafe sex and need to learn about safe sex so they don’t get any diseases.

Surprisingly, not many schools don’t teach sex and if they do it’s not well explained and in middle school when it would be better to teach sex earlier, such as in 5th grade because puberty starts around 10. Sex needs to be taught more in school and need to be well explain than explained in one class.

Also, health education doesn’t show or talk about the strong effects of drugs and drinking well. When school teaches about drugs it’s more about peer pressure and the healthy benefits of being drug free instead of what’s it would be like to be on drugs. The classes teach about how to say no to drugs, but doesn’t teach the students why they should say no.

Health education is mainly focused on peer pressure and talks to students how to say no and how to get out of uncomfortable or bad situations, which is great to teach, and the classes usually focus peer pressure of pressuring someone to drink or smoke, but the students don’t know what’s bad about drinking or smoking because they weren’t taught the effects of it.

Some students don’t even know what a drug is defined by and don’t know alcohol is a drug because they were never taught it.  Then the classes also show anti drug commercials, but the commercials or programs they show are kids that are healthy and drug free, and everyone knows what a healthy person looks like, so why are the programs showing healthy people instead of drunk or drugged people? The classes need to teach students and show students the bad effects of drugs and teach the kids of why they are saying no instead of repeating everyday, “Don’t do drugs.”

Health education should also teach kids about mental health and emotional problems. Mental health has always been overlooked and people with mental health issues are just called, “dramatic” or “crazy” or “sad” when there is much more to it.

Adolescents are vulnerable when it comes to emotions and can easily be damaged and stressed by their life. Teens are stressed out with school, job, family, and their social life that they don’t know how to balance their life and start healthy habits. Students need to be taught healthy and safe ways to deal with their problems, so that they don’t think of extreme or desperate ways of feeling better.

Also, people should be taught about mental problems because many people deal with mental problems and people don’t understand how awful it is to deal with problems such as depression and anxiety. There should be more awareness of mental issues and students need to learn about how to deal with emotional or social problems in a healthy and safe way, and that starts with health education.

Health education does not do a great job of teaching kids about sex or drugs to students and doesn’t teach health at the right age. Also health education does not teach kids at all of how to deal with their problems or issues in a healthy way  Health educated is poorly taught and students don’t learn anything. Students only remember there food groups and to say no to drugs, but don’t know why they are saying no. Health education are teaching students to say no or stay away from bad situations, but don’t know why it’s a bad situation.

Health education needs to improve and add to what the classes are teaching. Schools should start by teaching health at an earlier age because puberty starts around 10 and 11, and kids are starting to experience peer pressure at earlier ages now and they need to be prepared. Also health education needs to add more courses that explain more in depth about health. Schools need to add more courses that talk in depth about emotional health, mental health, drugs, and sex. If the health education system stays the same then students will never learn anything from the classes and leave the class with more questions than answers. It’s important to teach kids of how to live a healthy life or kids will self destruct.

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