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Million Ways-Saving Forever

The single cover.

The single cover.

The single cover.

Haylee Higgins

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Saving Forever is a band made of three brothers. Their names are Khaden (13), Kye (15), and Kavah Harris (16). The song is about a boy trying to solve the problems that are keeping them from the girl he likes. The song as a whole has a pick-me-up vibe to it, and makes people want to dance.

When the song opens, it is a strong, lone guitar to give it a rock-and-roll feel. However, once the lyrics begin, the music falls into the standard, unoriginal pop style. Although the singers do have strong vocals and harmonies, they are very auto-tuned, masking their underlying talent.

The three brothers posing as a group.

To me, the song is a good song to listen to when you’re at a party or a dance, but I would never put it in a daily playlist.

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Million Ways-Saving Forever