Why Us?

Allie Gibson

As a senior in high school, I’ve taken notice of the numerous ways that teachers “prepare” us for the real world. But really, nothing that we’ve been learning is necessary. There are many friends that I have that wish to become mechanics, doctors, RN’s, you name it. But we only have so many classes that prep us for learning about these things. Not to mention, they over prep us for the things that the school district say is important but in the long run, really never is. And even when it comes down to choosing a desired career, we are indecisive and wonder whether our choices will affect us when were older. It’s the equivalent of getting a tattoo when you’re 17 years-old and hating it when you’re 45 and you can’t do anything about it because its thee forever. Well… you could do something about it but it is a long and painful process. So teachers, staff, faculty, I am here to ask: Why should we be staying up past 3 am doing homework for a class that won’t get us anywhere close to having the knowledge we need for our future careers? Why are we pressured to choose a career now? Why should our SAT scores we took when we were 16 depend on our life choices when we’re older? Why is all of the pressure put on us? Why us?

But instead of asking why, ask why not? Why not take each individual student into consideration for their future career goals and place us in classes that will help us further our futures? Think of it as an early college set up. We have a desired goal in mind and take the classes that help us learn more about that future goal. And if we decide to change our minds then we can change classes. Seems like the better way of managing our future instead of forcing us into it, right?

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