Disney Channel? or Disney Scandal?: A Music Review

Allie Gibson


Song: Generous

Artist: Olivia Holt

When it comes down to it, I definitely didn’t expect this from a former Disney star. Then again, this is exactly the type of music a former Disney star would make. Trying to break away from the stigma of being known as a beloved child star, Olivia Holt comes out with a new single ‘Generous’ & I had the privilege to review it. So, let’s dive right in shall we.




Basically, in this song Olivia is into this guy at a party and wants to hook up with him. Saying that she’s been feeling lonely lately and the way this guy is  looking at her has Olivia feeling some type of way…..if you know what I mean. As Holt states, “I’ma taker, not a giver, but I’m into to you and the way you lookin’ at me got me in the mood. I’m feelin’ generous” The message is clearly implied. Personally, I feel as if these lyrics aren’t very original and the whole aspect of the message is very cliché. 2 out of 5 stars.


The music used in the song gives off an upbeat pop/club music vibe that most pop artists use and to be honest, it’s not bad. The use of what sounds like a cowbell is different and in this song, it seems to be fitting. I’m not one to take notice of the different keys that are used throughout the song, but if I feel like I can dance to it, then I’d say it’s got a good vibe to it.

Overall review:

Personally, I wouldn’t add this to my playlist of jams. But if you like the whole pop scene and you genuinely like Olivia Holt as a singer, then I’d say it’s a good song. 5/10 recommend.

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