Breaking Legs & Taking Names

Allie Gibson

Winter, a cold, barren season. But this is the perfect time for the boy’s swim team as they dive into another great season!

Alex Capizzo, a sophomore here at Fraser High School, has been a big part of bringing his team to victory by dominating the competition and breaking records within his first year of high school swim. Alex has broken a total of 7 school records in his freshman year alone and has won all around state champ by the end of the season last year! He’s even knocked his coach Dave Nowinski off of the record board, which has been there since 1978!

But, in a turn of unfortunate events, Alex broke his fibula, a non-weight bearing bone that helps with ankle stability, by landing on it inward as he was messing around over the summer on August 29th. “Surprisingly my ankle did not hurt when I broke it, but it did hurt after when I would try to move it around” Capizzo says. He did have to end up in crutches and a cast for 6 weeks in result to his accident. Many of his peers and even staff around school were worried about him and his athletic future because they’re well aware of what he’s capable of when it comes to swim.

Luckily, after surgery and being in his cast for 6 weeks, Capizzo says that he’ll be back and fully recovered for the upcoming boys swim season. “Yes, the injury has set me back a little in training for this up-coming season since I haven’t been in the pool for six weeks, but I will be back up to speed in time for this year’s state meet” Alex states with reassurance. We’re happy to hear such great news and we have confidence in Alex that he’ll continue to crush the competition along with the boy’s swim team in another awesome season.



Alex’s records from freshman year alone


200 freestyle: 1:14:19

200 I.M.: 1:50:21

100 fly: 52.55

100 freestyle: 47.36

500 freestyle: 4:29:06

100 backstroke: 55.46

100 breaststroke: 1:02:28

In a recent issue of The Macomb Daily, Dave Nowinski speaks on behalf of Capizzo, “As talented as he is, and as tough as he trains, our biggest challenge right now is building up in his head , making sure that he understands he can do it. He’s got to convince himself that he can do it.” And he has proved to all of us that he can. Finishing his 100 butterfly in 00.52.30, just seconds away from his rival and friend Stewart Nowinski from LCN. The boys finished that night with a winning score of 103-83.

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