Beauty and the Beast Follow-up Review

Olivia King, Editor-In-Chief

The 2017 modernization of the classic Disney tale is not one to be missed. Just two days after the theatre release, it was still almost impossible to find an open seat. The theatre was filled with both young and old interested in how the mulitmillion cooperation would handle the remake. One of the most appreciated aspect of the movie was how almost identical the remake was to the original. The plot and characters follow the same path and those of the 1991 production. There were a few unique surprises thrown into the mix as well that were not included in the original. The Beast, played Dan Stevens, has his very own musical number and the Beast also helps Belle finds out the mysterious backstory behind her mother’s tragic death. The beautiful graphics was something I personally enjoyed the most. The castle and antiques were interpreted perfectly, and it made the movie so much more enjoyable. The only modern aspect I did not enjoy were both instances of a gay and transgender characters. One man was very obviously in love with Gaston and in the end, danced in the arms of another man, and  when a man was dressed as a women, as punishment, he was overjoyed and “skipped” away. The movie is rated PG, it is a kids film and it was pointless to include. The children watching will not even notice anything out of the ordinary, it will go over their heads, so what is the point of including it in the film?

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