Harry Potter GO!


Photo Remix by Fioralba Palushi, Photo by: Samantha Nork, base photo: Creative Commons

Harry Potter Go! will be a huge app when it is finally released. Aron Geml has his wand at the ready for when it arrives in the app store.

Olivia King, Editor-In-Chief

The exciting new game rumor has Harry Potter fans flying into a frenzy. “Harry Potter GO” will be similar to the hit “Pokémon GO” game that devoured the summer.  Players will get to act as a young wizard, hunting mythical beasts, collecting rare cards, and collecting points from simulated Hogwarts landmarks. The game is rumored to be funded and created by Niantic and hopefully fulfils the rumored release date in early 2017. Fans have been creating trailers and rushing to social media to promote the concept.



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