The Fraser Bond


Olivia King, Editor-In-Chief

Fraser Public Schools has been given the golden opportunity to renovate all of their functioning facilities. Over the next five years, the board is requesting a budget of $29.73 million and plan to split it accordingly; $20.8 million on building improvement, $2 million on furniture equipment, $1.5 million on school buses, $8.5 million on technology needs, and the remaining $70,000 underwriting legal and financial costs.Each grade section will receive different requests depending on the current status of their building and the classrooms inside.

All six elementary school have a fine list of needed improvements, but the main highlights include resurfacing the parking lot, replacing the cabinets; coat cubbies; furniture; and playground equipment. The schools also want to add an air conditioning and sound system in the gymnasium and plan to update the technology.

Richards Middle School has a similar list of requested improvements, almost identical to that of elementary schools, but they are also requesting a roof replacement and new curtains for the auditorium.

Fraser High School, on the other hand, has quite the extravagant list. The high school wants to resurface the parking lot, renovate the performing arts center, renovate the pool area and locker rooms, renovate elevator, and most importantly purchase laptops for grades 9-12 to replace the iPads.

If this bond recieves majority vote, it will become active on May 2, and progress over the next five year.