Anton Art Center Secondary Show Features

Madison Mitchell, Flash Reporter

Fraser High School takes great pride in their art programs. Each year, Fraser holds an art show for the extraordinary students [artists] and features their work at the school and other local, state, and nationwide art shows. Each student’s artwork reflects a part of themselves; great time and effort are put into each project to perfect every aspect of the piece.

This year’s Anton Art Center’s Secondary Show has accepted these hard-working students’ art pieces:

  • Andrea Smith “ME”
  • Hannah Loudermilk “Coming Out”
  • Kayla McCartney “Complimentary Lifesaver”
  • Lauren Kennedy “Peachboy”
  • Madison Nuorala “Books Life”
  • Shadia Vreeburg “Seahorse”
  • Shay Ryan “Mutual Destruction”
  • Bianca Misuraca “PIXELS” (from portfolio)
  • Aaliyah Dubay “Lion”
  • Casey Bresso (award-winning portfolio)

The art show begins March 11th at 1:00 P.M. and ends on April 8th.

A few of the students shared what inspired them to create their pieces. One of the students featured in the art show, Andrea Smith, described her art piece.

“I think that this piece in general is something really personal to me as it includes pictures from my childhood and since the object of it is actually my dog. It’s actually not one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done even though it’s gotten into two different art shows. I can’t really say that there is something specific that describes my art, only because it’s kind of all over the place if I’m being honest,” Smith said.

She also gave an insight into what inspired her to create her work.

“Since the main object of the piece is a contour painting of my dog, there are pictures from my childhood, and some of my favorite colors are incorporated into it; my life inspired it. I love my dog and the pictures that I used in it are also some of my favorite memories: playing in the rain with my family a few years ago and apple picking at Stoney Creek when I was about 4 years old. The actual project was to pick someone or something and make a contour of it but also include different aspects of that object into it. I picked myself for the main idea for it, but I didn’t directly include myself into it,” Smith said.

Students’ art featured in the show is not only a physical piece to look at, but a piece of that student and a look into their life. Another student, Shaylynn Ryan, described her piece “Mutual Destruction.”

“I think it’s delicate yet rough. Bold and vibrant in color and statement,” Ryan said. “It’s representational and has a romantic element to me.”

Shaylynn also shared what her inspiration was for creating her artwork.

“Another art piece was my inspiration. I saw a piece of work and loved it and wanted to make it my own with a very different twist to it,” Ryan said.

Every piece in the show has a different meaning to each creator. A huge congratulations goes out to every artist whose work is featured in the upcoming art show. All the hard work and dedication has led these artists to greater achievements in their artistry.