Fraser High School Broadcasters take part in a nation wide project with PBS


FHSTheFlash Broadcast Team, #IamSRL


National exposure for Fraser Broadcasters working with PBS and Detroit Public Television.  Students contributed videos to the PBS NewHour Student Reporting Labs: New Americans Project. To examine the experiences of immigrants in the U.S., Student Reporting Labs asked students to find stories in their own community that reflect the diversity that makes this country great. Watch the #NewAmerican series:
(Tumbler link is blocked in district) 
You can see the reports at the link above or on the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs site and on  Congratulations to the Rambler Broadcasting Team for some fine productions.

Thank you to Fraser student Merika Yang and Fraser resident Gabby Naula-Quintero for sharing their stories. Student producers are Madelyn Amesse, Michelle Mansoor, Samantha Nork, Anyssa Ochoa, and Mackenzie Tolitsky.
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