Elvis Lives on today in 2017


The Early Years and Comeback Elvis, Dean Z, the Movie Elvis, Jay Dupis, , and Concert Elvis , Bill Cherry, all join together for a Cant Help Falling In Love finale at the Macomb Community College Performing Arts Center.

Aron Geml, Flash Sports Reporter

For some The King Of Rock And Roll  maybe gone and no one can replace him; however, there are some people who beleive that The King must live on forever. From his first hit in 1954 , Thats All Right Mamma, to his last hit in 1976, Moody Blue, The Elvis Lives Tour does most of The Kings popular songs and there are three tribute artists on this tour dedicated to make sure that Elvis’s legacy lives on today in 2017.

The first act, which is the early Sun Record days, Elvis is lived through by the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist champion, Dean Z. Besides singing all of the early hits, Dean does a lot of dancing which made the real Elvis shoot up in popularity back in the late 1950’s. After moving and singing in his Blue Suede Shoes , it was the time that Elvis hit the sliver screen.

This part of Elvis’s life is lived through by the 2014 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist champion; Jay Dupuis. Jay sang songs through many different movies, but the most iconic movie was Viva Las Vegas and was the primary movie performed. With Elvis singing you can’t have Viva Las Vegas without Anne Margaret who is played by Carol Maccri. Songs that were performed were the classics of C’mon Everybody, The Lady Loves Me But She Doesn’t Know It Yet, and of course Viva Las Vegas.

After Elvis got out of all the movie contracts he missed the feel of doing live concerts so he annouced that he would be returning to stage and with that point of his life was known as The Concert Years . The Concert Years is lived through by 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist champion Bill Cherry. Cherry sang songs from The Kings later years such as Suspicious Minds, Burning Love, and American Trilogy. Cherry sang and joked just like the later Elvis did and it’s truly memorizing.

Then, for a grand Elvis finale all three artists came together and sang the classic, Can’t Help Falling In Love, and seeing what Elvis looked like in all three major stages of his life is amazing. What’s even more amazing is that people still want to continue the art, the personality, and the legacy of Elvis Presley. Even it’s though its been almost forty years since he has left the building; thanks to the Elvis Lives show it seems like he has never left the building at all.