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Should Students Take More AP Classes?

Lauren Flores, The Flash Staff Writer

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During high school, most students are challenged to take an AP class at most point. While most take the opportunity, some decide not do because of how much extra work they could be receiving. Along with the rigorous workload, students experience more stress and pressure to do well.

“Basically the fact that it’s a college class, I’m not used to how challenging it is and there’s a lot more work involved and it’s not like a typical sophomore class. The work that you’re used to it’s nothing like that at all,” Huda Ashraf sophomore said.

Along with challenging assignments, students can earn college credit while still in high school. Taking colleges classes can prepare the student for an actual college class and they can experience what a college class can be like.

“I want to have something kind of challenge in high school because it could benefit me in college,” Ashraf said.

For each AP student, their goals may be different but the overall focus is on trying to pass the class and do good on tests. Students may also be able to learn more about certain topics.

“In AP US History, you can gain a more vast range between time periods and you go above and beyond what normal classes learn about,” Olivia King sophomore said.

A college course can help with future job opportunities and preparing for the future. The student can feel more accomplished.

“A college course can look good on a resume and helps you prepare for the future,” said Ashraf.

One of the hardest parts about a college level class is understanding what you are learning and trying to apply that information. Trying to learn the material can be difficult.

“Comprehension is one of the biggest obstacles and having a hybrid class can make things even more difficult and doesn’t help,” King said.

Whether students choose to take AP courses during their high school career is up to them but there are both positive and negative aspects.  Students should do the best they can in the course and keep pushing to accomplish more.






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Should Students Take More AP Classes?