Drunk Driver Hits Close To Home

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Drunk Driver Hits Close To Home

Olivia King, Editor

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Hannah Loudermilk has been going to football games since her freshman year. They were always associated with good memories and friends. Now, three years later, The last football game of her senior year would change her life forever.

Hannah was pulling out of Fraser High School onto 15-mile road and Simon, when she was hit by a drunk driver and was severely injured.

“Both of my ACLs were torn, the MCL in my left leg, I had some torn cartilage, a fractured tibia, and six broken ribs,” Senior Hannah Loudermilk said.

Hannah was not the only person in the car, her passenger, Tina Tinkham, suffered injuries as well.

“Tina suffered a brain injury, spinal injury, and bruised hip and knee bones,” Loudermilk said.

Both girls suffered major trauma and will take a long time to go through the healing process. Hannah even has to go through excessive physical therapy and many reconstructive surgeries.

“I’ve already gone through a few months of physical therapy and soon I’ll have to get surgery to repair my ACL in my right leg, three more months of physical therapy and another surgery for my left ACL and MCL,” Loudermilk said.

Both Hannah’s car and the drunk driver’s car was severely damaged. Totaled so badly that they can no longer be driven. Hannah sadly stated that in order for her car to be fixed, she would have to pay over 10,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the legal matters of the situation are yet to be determined.

“Charges are unknown at this time, we are waiting to see the blood alcohol levels until we can see him at the criminal trial,” Loudermilk said.

Hannah and Tina are very lucky to be alive. According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, Everyday in America, 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. Fraser is lucky that Hannah and Tina are healing well.

Do not drink and drive. Have a friend operate as a designated driver or call a cab, it is not worth the risk. Whenever a citizen decides to get behind the wheel drunk, they are endangering their own life and every other driver on the road.

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