Lukas Graham Tour Preview

Image courtesy of Moxie.

Image courtesy of Moxie.

Samantha Nork, Team Broadcast, Flash Reporter

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Originating in Denmark, Lukas Graham started making videos to upload online, which all gained thousands of views. First being popular in Europe and then expanding to the United States. The band has managed to take the world by storm with their pop-soul songs “7 Years” and “Mama Said”. The vocalist of the group, Lukas Forchhammer, says he uses his childhood experiences as inspiration for writing his songs. The other members consist of Mark Falgren (drummer), Magnus Larsson (bassist), and Morten Ristorp (keyboard). The band is also nominated for three Grammy awards this year.

Embarking on their second United States tour, the band hits nearly every state to make sure nobody is left out. On their last tour, most venues were crowded and sold out of tickets. This year, the band is coming back to Detroit for another show. Lukas Graham will be at The Fillmore on January 24th. Tickets can be purchased here or at The Fillmore’s box office. The Flash will be at the show, so keep a lookout for our review.

Here are some of Lukas Graham’s official music videos:

Image courtesy of Moxie.

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