Golden Tate Racks Up A Lot of Coats

Keenan Penn II, Samantha Nork , and Aron Geml

Lauren Flores , FHS The Flash Reporter

    Recently, the Quill and Scroll journalism honor society held a coat drive to give jackets to kids and veterans who needed them the most. The seminar class who collected the most coats got to meet Golden Tate III and earned a pizza party.

   With all the seminar classes pitching in for a good cause, the end result was amazing. There were enough bags to fill up one side of the hallway.

   “The amount of good coats is just unbelievable, we are so thankful!” Sheila Pederson said, coordinator of the charity.

   Fellow Quill and Scroll members along with the seminar class who won helped load the truck that was going to the kids and veterans.

   “. . . We were shocked at the amount of coats! It took four hours to unbalanced them and sort male- female,” Pederson said.

   The Golden Future Foundation is ultimately where the coats will be going and the remaining coats will go to Grizzlies Closet for the Homeless and the VA.

   “Thanks so much to the Golden Future Foundation for this continued support from one community  to the next!” Pederson said.

   Overall, the coat drive yielded over 1,100 coats. Mr. Socha’s class collected 199 coats. The second place class was Mrs. Gilletti’s class with 195 coats. 

Samantha Nork
Samantha Nork
Samantha Nork

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