FCCLA prom dresses

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FCCLA prom dresses

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Jacob Wengler

FCCLA have been collecting slightly used prom dresses for prom coming up on Friday, May 6th. They are donating them to students who don’t have or can’t afford a prom dress, all the students have to do is seek the help for a prom dress through their counselor. They had a huge turnout for this being their first year accepting prom dresses.

“If any students approach them (the counselor) and say they need extra assistance, those are the students we would help.” Said Mrs. Tomovska, the leader of FCCLA and the prom dress fundraiser.

The prom dresses fundraiser has just started this year, they started collecting dresses this year at the prom fashion show. People who donated received raffle tickets for the fashion show. Anyone who wants to donates a dress is able to donate and people who take the dress are allowed to keep it if they would like too.

“There were small business owners who have offered their help for minor altercations, there’s hairdressers and individuals who have offered their help with hair and makeup for students.” Said Mrs.Tomovska.

This idea was brought to Mrs. Tomovska attention by Tracy Chattman who said Fraser could have a closet full of donated prom dresses for underprivileged students. She plans to keep this project going for years to come and collect all throughout the year. Anyone is allowed to donate as well, we had teachers and staff donates dresses and parents are welcome to donate as well.
“I’m always impressed with Fraser and how the community always come together to help everyone out.” Said Mrs. Tomovska.

The FCCLA helped with the making of this project and got it rolling, FCCLA is a club open for anyone to join. They meet once a month, usually in seminar, and discuss what there doing now and what they might potentially do. Huge shout out to everyone involved in this project and donate your prom dresses to the school so kids below you could possibly use them.

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