Super Mario Maker Creates A Name For Itself

Joe Bresso, Flash Reporter

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Have you ever wanted to make your own soul crushingly difficult or unthinkably creative levels for the Super Mario series? Well now with the new release for the Wii U you can make rage inducing, screen filled, and impossibly tough levels for anyone with Super Mario Maker to rage quit from.

The tools span from the original Super Mario Bros to New Super Mario Bros. U, However you cannot use tools from different games as you can’t have the original Mario level design and the new 3D Mario Character.

Level design is very simple yet very easy to make into a course of cringe inducing mazes that require either extremely lucky guessing or trial and error gameplay. “Designing levels is incredibly smooth and intuitive, not to mention a ton of fun.” says Emma Schaefer EGM journalist and fellow gamer.

The level design system is very responsive as there is a grid to attach lines to but yet you don’t need to simply go one block at a time. Speaking of one block at a time the game does start only giving you a few blocks but other block choices will quickly unlock as you play the game. You do need to be careful how much you give to Mario because if you do give him the ability to gain height on his jump from a wall that could destroy what could’ve taken you hours and several evil laugh moments thinking of.

The Music is the same as most Mario music is except for the fact that there are several blocks that make amusing sounds and noises and even some blocks laughing at you. That much variety allows for evil combinations such as baiting a power up that will lead to death only to have the game laugh at you, however it also allows for cool out of nowhere dance parties and events such as that.

Even with all these good and fun things the game has to offer there is one major gripe consumers will notice at one point which is the fact that only Bowser and Bowser Jr are available to be boss fights in your level so there will be very little diversity with levels that happen to have a boss.

A feature about the level designing system is the fact that you aren’t allowed to make a level that is impossible to beat because you have to beat your own level before it goes public.

Overall this title is quite a fun and fitting installment for the series because it breaks the monotony of the normal Mario games where the game has a set number of levels and a finite amount it can accomplish whereas Mario Maker has an almost infinite amount of entertainment to be shared.

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