Game of The Year 2015

Joe Bresso, Flash Reporter

Now that we find ourselves in 2016 we have all the opportunities for sleeper hit titles closed up and it is time for the top 5 games of the year for 2015.

To break the ice and make a splash, coming in at number 5 we have the hit multiplayer shooter Splatoon. This cute, vibrant shooter coming from Nintendo is a Playground of fun and excitement running around as a kid or swimming around as a squid. Shooting, splashing, and throwing ink around is the name of the game here because it’s essentially a turf war of which team put more paint on the battlefield. Coming from Nintendo the family company this game is fun for all ages. 
”Nintendo’s reinvention of the online shooter is intelligent, stylish and hardly short on flair” said Stuart Andrews. The only really bad problem is the map rotations with only two maps a day the game can become stale very quickly.

Bringing in the 4th place position we have a late in the year entry with a new reboot of an old franchise in the new Star Wars Battlefront. This new Battlefront would make the old developers proud with its amazing first person perspective and excellent gunplay. The emphasis on multiplayer combat is really nice however this does mean that Battlefront is a multiplayer only game since EA has confirmed they have little to no interest in a single player campaign. News about upcoming DLC shows they are going to have true space combat, new heroes from established story lines, and of course more maps. Star Wars BattleFront was a really strong title to come so late in the year.

Coming in at number 3 coming from From Software is the fast paced action RPG BloodBorne. Fans of previous titles from this company such as Dark Souls were surprised to see such a quick agile play style from this game. The aforementioned play style of this game is what makes the difference between being another dark souls game and this new masterpiece that is BloodBorne. While the story is still a bit difficult to follow it is still possible as there have been youtube channels dedicated to finding the secrets about the lore of BloodBorne. One of the best things about BloodBorne is that it is still coming out with DLC even though Dark Souls 3 is set to be released sometime 2016.

Hunting the number 2 spot on this list is the new 4v1 monster hunter game Evolve. ” The best and worst thing about playing the monster in Evolve is knowing you’re the bad guy” said Josh Harmon gaming journalist and resident monster player. This game shines very brightly because of how team based it is. If the monster wins it is only because the hunters didn’t communicate their strategy well enough. This games teams have an inverse relationship as the hunters are strong early in the game however they fall off in power in the late game, The monster on the other hand is very weak in the early game and needs time to… well evolve so that it can fight the hunters at it’s best. There are a few problems with the game such as day one DLC, Limited replay ability, and as with multiple multiplayer games so few maps to play on.

The number 1 spot on this list and game of the year goes to Fallout 4. This game has been in the works for 7 years so it is not surprising that this game is amazing. A popular build that people like to make is the ” One Punch Man” which is the name of a popular anime as well. “just one punch makes enemies’ heads explode in bloody chunks. It’s pretty great.” said Brenna Hillier a fellow user of the one punch build. That is not what makes this game great though even though the several build paths is a positive feature of the game. The Overall presentation of the game is quite astounding with how beautiful the game looks which is ironic considering this is a nuclear wasteland we’re talking about. The gameplay is still as good as it was in fallout 3 with the vats look being updated and made it look much nicer than it was before. Another nice thing about the story of fallout 4 is that they introduce you to the factions really early on in the game where you meet some people from the Brotherhood Of Steel. What propels this game above all the others though is definitely the amount of content being able to do so much in such a huge game world not to mention random encounters. All of those things together propel Fallout 4 to the top of this list.

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