A New Life- Fantasy Life

Amy Weed, Co-Editor

There have been games that have given the gamer a second life, from Level 5, developer of the popular Professor Layton series, comes an original role-playing game (RPG) Fantasy Life. In the game, the gamer can not only create their own character, but also choose the job(life) they want. The player does not have to pick and stick; the player can switch their lives between twelve: The Fighting Classes: Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, and Magician; The Harvesting Classes: Miner, Woodcutter, and Angler; The Artisan Classes: Blacksmith, Carpenter, Tailor, Alchemist, and Cook. The character goes on an adventure of epic proportions to save the land of Reveria while using the skills collected from their several lives.

The land of Reveria.

The land of Reveria.

The game focuses on the player by choosing one of the twelve lives. The player has complete freedom in the game, so if the player wanted to just spend the day fishing, or cooking, they could. They can battle enemies and bosses, collect materials, craft items, bring other players into their world to trade, and more.

Although the player can lazy around in Fantasy Life by smithing, sewing, or cooking in the land of Castele, where the player starts their adventure, the player might wish to advance in the story to unlock the locations and all the creatures and valuables that the lands beyond hold. If not, they might be stuck in the boring rut that can sometimes crop up where there is no progress in the character’s lives unless the story moves forward. Such as when one is a alchemist, once all the potions and items are made, that can be made, one cannot advance without the items from the other lands of Reveria: Port Puerto, Al, Maajik, and Levitania.

Yet that snag is such a small one in the grand scheme of the game. One would notice the beautiful graphics and music Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuo Uematsu. The story is gripping as it’s a race against time to save the land from certain doom with several friends who help along the way.

Available only for the Nintendo 2 and 3Ds, this original RPG gives players a chance to live the life they always wanted inside a game. Available everywhere now, with a sequel, Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God, arriving on smartphones in 2015. The sequel is said to feature the same gameplay elements, but feels more like a “Sims” game- where the player can manage their village. Other new additions include the power to change the settings of their adventure and control the town’s population with the focus on exploration, job system, and combat remaining the same as it was on the Nintendo 3DS.

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