Skill-Trade State Competition

Tylah Fortson, Writer/Editor

Students in all the skills trades classes: welding, woodworking, drafting, and electrical have been working extra hard all year. A huge part of their grades this year was simply to finish a project that will be eligible to be competed against. By the end of the year, their projects were being signed, sealed, and delivered to compete against student welders, woodworkers, drafters, and electricians all over.

After a little wait, the results from the competitions are in. Everyone in all those classes competed with different people in the state and their state status’ and regional status’ were posted. The scores ranged from students winning first place to others getting a respectable honorable mention.

Regardless of their status, all the students in all the classes worked hard and bravely showcased their hard work to be criticized and judged. Everyone did spectacular. Congratulations young men and women of Fraser for your success.

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