March of Dimes

Tylah Fortson, Editor/ Writer

After weeks and weeks or promoting and selling purple march of dimes bands, Jenna Gregory, along with a few others participated in the March of Dimes six mile run.

Jenna Gregory stated that the March of dimes’ purpose was to “raise money to donate to help save premature babies.”

The run was Sunday April 26th, according to Gregory. It started at ten in the morning and didn’t end until around twelve in the afternoon.

Gregory stated that, “My mother’s friend was a premature baby and her experience, her story, helped me connect to the cause.”

It is very impressive that Gregory put so much work and passion into a cause to show support. Everyone should feel proud to have her apart of the Rambler family. Gregory’s goal was 1000 and although she didn’t hit the 1000 mark, herself, along with theirs, managed to raise over nine-hundred American greens.

She said, “It felt good knowing I helped a cause.”

To Gregory, It feels good to know this small Fraser family holds inspirers such as yourself.

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