Peter Gabe: Science student of the year 14-15

Carmen Yan

Six years ago Senior, Peter Gabe came to America from Egypt. Not knowing a word of english, he had to learn a new language Now he can speak english but, Gabe said the that he still learning new words and new things everyday. This year, Gabe is the student of the year in the science department.

From day one of freshmen year he has been taking science classes.  That is passion when he was young boy to now that his passion make him keep going.What is his goal in the future? Gabe’s goal is to be anesthesiologist, someone who people to sleep during a surgery.  This is the goal that he hope to reach in the near future.

After High school, Gabe plans to go to college and want to major in science. He was accepted to Wayne State and Michigan State. As of now, he has not yet decided on which college to attend yet.

Congratulations to Gabe for being the Student of the year in the Science for 2014-15.

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