Walking Dead Spinoff Series

Laurel Kraus, Co-Editor

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Press Kit

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Press Kit

Any Walking Dead fanatic can vividly recall the very first moments of the breathtaking series when main character Rick Grimes woke up from a coma and discovered that the world was in the midst of the apocalypse. Epic as it was, this left a canyon-size black whole in which viewers could only speculate what exactly went down to cause the dead to start rising. Now nearing the end of its fifth season, The Walking Dead has yet to give us more than mere hints; however, there is hope on the horizon.

AMC has recently revealed plans for a spinoff series from the cult favorite TV show, The Walking Dead, and while not much has been released about this new show, it is believed that it will start off as a sort of prequel to The Walking Dead and finally show fans what exactly went down at the beginning of the apocalypse.

Although most Walking Dead fans have grown accustomed to witnessing the apocalypse in Atlanta, Georgia, the spinoff is set to be taking place in Los Angeles, California.

It has also been stated that although this show will live in the same universe as The Walking Dead, it will revolve around an entirely different group of characters. Dave Erickson will be the show runner, and cast as the leads are Cliff Curtis (Live Free or Die Hard) and Kim Dickens (Gone Girl). The Walking Dead’s Executive Producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, and David Alpert will also be producing this new spinoff.

Most likely due to The Walking Dead’s extreme success, AMC has already approved two seasons; however, just like The Walking Dead’s first season, the spinoff’s first, set to premiere in late summer, will only consist of six episodes. The second season will be following not too far behind in 2016.

It has been rumored that the name of this spinoff will be Fear The Walking Dead, which certainly gives potential viewers an idea of the terrors the characters will be facing. Whether they will ever meet up with Rick’s group is highly doubted, but at the very least this spinoff will give devoted fans the unique opportunity to see the apocalypse through new eyes.

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