Fraser Former: Danielle Miller

Tylah Fortson, Writer/Editor

Tylah Fortson




If one was to ask most high school students what they wanted to do when they graduated, some may have an idea. Then again, some may be clueless. But one can assume that not many would respond with “marathon runner.” Danielle Miller, former FHS graduate felt that same way.

“If someone said four years ago I’d be a professional marathoner, I’d be like ‘you’re joking’.

Danielle Miller graduated in 2010 from Fraser. She now attends Walsh College and is training for the first trial draft pick in February of 2016. If she places in that run, and then again in a few others after, she has the opportunity to be Fraser High School’s first student to race in the Olympic tournaments.

“You become who you’re supposed to be, even as a cliché as that sounds.”

Fortunately, now, Miller loves and appreciated her sport.

“I want to run forever.”

But that wasn’t always the case. Miller stated that running in track, “wasn’t the popular thing to do. It was a bother. But I don’t regret the times when I didn’t love it because I think it made me love it more now.”

From the way she is pursuing the sport, anyone could tell she is in love. She has enough passion and drive to inspire anyone.  It is amazing to think it all started at Fraser high School.

Miller said, “I transferred schools my freshmen year and it was the best decision of my life. Fraser really made me who I was. I was allowed to be in clubs and I was allowed to be an athlete. Fraser has installed some great leadership capabilities in me. It gave me a chance to really begin this journey.”

Well, according to Miller, we should all be grateful to be students at Fraser High. It is where her career got started and hopefully it will be the starter for other careers also.

From Fraser High School to Danielle Miller, everyone is rooting for her and we wish her good luck as she continues her journey. Continue to be an inspiration.

Thank you Danielle Miller.

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