Television Show Review: “Resurrection

Amber Monschau

   He died. He was dead for 30 years. Lucille and Henry Langston spent the last 30 years mourning their son’s death, and they were finally beginning to enjoy life once again… until he returned.


   Jacob Langston drowned in a local river in his hometown of Arcadia, Missouri when he was eight years old. Thirty years later, Jacob is found walking aimlessly around a town in China. United States Immigration Agent J. Martin Bellamy, who discovered Jacob, takes him into his custody and returns him to the place he calls “home”. Although extremely skeptical, Lucille and Henry agree to house Jacob until Agent Bellamy can determine the child’s true identity.

   After learning that the child is truly the late Jacob Langston, dozens of citizens who have died over the course of the past few decades begin to return as well. With assistance from local and U.S. authorities, Arcadians piece together the reasoning behind the multiplying resurrections. Senior Marina Ghatas is a fan of the show.

   “It’s full of dark mystery, romance, and science all in the same time. It’s a very interesting and mind-boggling show. It’s a newer generation show,” Ghatas said.

   “Resurrection” airs on ABC every Sunday at 9 p.m.

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