TV Review: The Walking Dead

Laurel Kraus, Co-Editor


Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

What is more terrifying than the undead during the apocalypse? The Living.

Time and time again through betrayals and merciless attacks, the characters on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead have been forced to learn that the hard way.

Based off of the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, the show’s first season aired in October of 2010. Since then The Walking Dead has earned itself a cult following through traumatic storylines, gripping horrors, and spectacular special effects.

The premiere of season four was the most watched hour of cable television ever, coming in at 16.1 million viewers.

So what is it that makes this show so special? The gory horror is certainly a plus for some viewers, however that same trait can also be found on countless other shows. Perhaps it is the emotional bonds of the characters that continue to draw the audience in.

The Walking Dead, centers on a small group of survivors amidst the end of the world. Led by a sheriff and an antisocial redneck, they struggle to maintain their humanity against all odds.

They must battle starvation, disease, the undead, and yes, the living. In a world full of suffering, it’s every man (or group) for himself. No one is above thievery or even murder if they believe it will help their loved ones. Horrifically, some other groups even commit heinous acts simply for sport.

Because of this, no character is safe in The Walking Dead. From the eleven original characters, only four are still breathing. With this constant risk always hovering over them, the group tries to fit in moments of living in between the surviving.

This creates the most unlikely friendships that inevitably grow into family bonds because, although blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

Season five of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday October 12th 9/8c on AMC. It promises more is in store for the survivors with the threat of cannibalism now on the horizon. Nevertheless, fans will continue to root for their favorite characters and hope that they will somehow beat the apocalypse and all its horrors.

Many people believe The Walking Dead is named after the “zombies” that are roaming the earth, but it may be just the opposite. Perhaps the name is actually referring to the quality of life that the survivors hold. Maybe the living are the walking dead.

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