Wounded Warriors Tennis Tournament

Tylah Fortson

On Saturday September 13,2014, the Boys Varsity Tennis team played a charitable tournament. The game was played in the name of the Wounded Soldiers Foundation, which is a foundation that supports soldiers in battle. The team and their coach, Mr. Gregory Dalida, managed to raise $562, which was more than all eight teams present this year and breaking their record for last year.

A big shout out to the first place winners: Adam Culver in his single, and Tim Gubler in his third singles. Also, Brett Fistler doing two singles and coming in second. Finally, first doubles Mike Rogers and Jordan Bell, and two doubles Blair Gariepy and Marco DelVillano medaling in third. Congrats to the team for being leaders amongst their peers and for so far being untouchable.

Hopefully, you all will continue to grow and by next year, reach your $1000 goal.

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