Delightful Denim

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By: Starria Coppins

Spring has approached fast and many girls are bringing out their denim capris, shorts, jackets and vest. While getting ready for the warm weather, girls in denim plan on staying in style. Having style is being able to take something original and create it into something rare.

“I would describe my style as unique because people don’t dress like me. I kind of dress randomly,” Senior Kazmira Eldaly said.

With a random style that’s different from everyone else’s, Eldaly is inspired by stores and websites that help her stand out from others. These resources also guide her in directions to wear her denim differently.

“I shop at Forever 21. My favorite sites to look at clothes are Pinterest and Wanelo. I wear my denim jackets mainly with dresses and skirts,” Eldaly said.

Wearing denim with dresses and skirts are perfect for spring. The types of denim that are perfect for spring are different from other seasons. Thin fabrics of denim like stretch is good for spring and summer because they aren’t heat sealing. A more thick material of denim like cotton serge is good for the fall and winter because they can keep you warmer.

The six main types of denim are Cotton Serge, Raw, Selvage, Stretch, Poly and Ramie denim. Cotton Serge denim is mixed with 100% cotton serge and is known to be the traditional kind. Raw denim is dark, unwashed, durable and very stiff. The more this is washed then the easier it fades; however, that gives it a natural look. Selvage denim is more on the expensive side because it is tightly weaved and won’t unravel easily.

The closest kind to pure denim is Stretch. This material is made with two to three percent of spandex. Poly denim is a light weight fabric that makes it easier to wash and dry. It’s also more resistant to wrinkling. Finally, Ramie denim is blended with plant fabric ramie; therefore, it reduces the wrinkling in the fabric and gives a softer feel to it.

With all these different fabrics of denim in mind, what kind do you wear? Eldaly mainly wears stretch denim for its most comfortable and shows the girlish figure.

Denim is classic fashion and was worn differently due to style. Ms. Krussman remembers how her mother used to talk about different styles with denim. In the 50’s her mom wore blue jeans only on Saturdays during the day.

“I love jeans. I always wore cut offs, short shorts frayed, and blue jean skirts of every length. I also had fabulous jeans in high school that were low riders, tight. They came down tight to the knee then flared out. I also embroidered them,” Krussman said.

Denim will forever be in fashion, but the trend and style will continue to change.

“In middle school we could wear pants, but in high school girls could finally wear jeans. In the 1980’s it was a given that you could wear jeans anywhere as long as you wore them with a nice shirt and maybe some heels; a nice dressy jean,” Krussman said.

Denim is a popular fabric that mostly everyone in the U.S. wears that we sometimes take for granted. With style continuously changing, denim will keep improving. Since summer is almost here, think of new ways to improve the way you wear denim.


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