New Famous Fraser Grill Review

Grilled Turkey Pita Photo credit: Savanna Di Stefano
Grilled Turkey Pita
Photo credit: Savanna Di Stefano

Walking into the new Famous Fraser Grill restaurant on the corner of 15 and Utica, I was greeted by a young lady missing a smile, who surely didn’t speak English as her first language. I was escorted through an arrangement of empty tables until being seated in the line of red booths against the shaded window.
   A gleeful waitress welcomed me. Her joyful personality enhanced the family dining atmosphere that the caramel walls, low playing music, and sunlight shining through every window gave me. I opened the lengthy menu and began examining my options from the large assortment provided. The menu consisted of a variety of different styles of food, including croissant sandwiches, Italian foods like ravioli and pasta, Mexican, Greek, and burgers.
  Craving home- made chicken noodle soup, I did not anticipate to the lemon tang that confused my taste buds as I swallowed a spoonful of the soup I ordered. It wasn’t gross; it was just interesting. However, the thick spiral noodles and the vegetables that filled the cup satisfied my desire and the rumbling in my stomach. But, didn’t I order chicken noodle soup, expecting more than one bite of the juicy, cooked white meat? Better luck next time.
   Only minutes after my soup was delivered did my waitress bring two loaded plates. The turkey pita I ordered was incredible. The long slices of grilled turkey were overflowing from the thick, warm flat bread. The slices were flat and tender, and they nearly melted in my mouth as my taste buds leaped with excitement.
   The cool lettuce, perfectly ripe tomatoes, and smooth mayo complimented the turkey. All of the elements worked together to create a delicious combination of addicting, semi sweet, flavor. The soft, fluffy grilled bread left me craving for more, and it left me very impressed.

The grilled chicked sandwich is served with the buns open and the chicken laying across, covered in cheese, bacon, and peppers Photo credit: Savanna Di Stefano
The grilled chicked sandwich is served with the buns open and the chicken laying across, covered in cheese, bacon, and peppers
Photo credit: Savanna Di Stefano

   The Fraser Grill Chicken Sandwich does not disappoint, either. Expecting a classic fried,  round cookie- cutter piece of meat slapped in between two McDonald size pieces of bread, I was shocked when the waitress came baring a large plate with two buns laying side by side with a slab of chicken over top two poppy seed buns. Scrumptious bacon always adds a boost of flavor, and the simple amount of fried green peppers also included added a unique twist. The melted cheese mixed with the bacon created the perfect, pleasing to eat texture.
     The customer is also able to choose their side. Are you a simple French fry eater? A co-slaw consumer or a sweet potato sweet heart? Or, how about a classic chili fry child? Substituting plain French fries for a plate of chili fries, I was curious as to how appetizing these may be coming from somewhere other than Coney Island. The light, long cut fries were evenly covered with thick, warm, smooth chili that had just a hint of a spicy kick. After swiping the rest of the chili off the bottom of the plate, I moved to topping the meal with dessert.
    I ordered one of the specials, rice pudding. The dessert that I usually cannot wait to enjoy disappointed me slightly. Replacing the sweet, cinnamon taste of vanilla were fat pieces of plain white rice and practically sugar free watered down pudding. However, I appreciated the desert I had and agreed to order the dessert elsewhere next time.
   With two meals, soup, chili fries, and dessert, the bill came out to be decently affordable, but skewed more towards the expensive side. However, I still left the restaurant guilt free, full, and completely fulfilled and satisfied.