Sweet Treats

Potatoes are one of the most consumed vegetable in the United States. With this nutritious vegetable, there are many ways to prepare it. The way I tried was to use the all mighty grill. This yummy dish is called Grilled Sweet Potatoes and can be made right at home.

Summer was ending, but I wasn’t sad, I was bored, because I had been running around the whole last two and a half months and all the camps and sports I was in had wrapped up. My last big expedition was going to the grocery store with my dad on a Tuesday at 10 in the morning.

I was in the fruits and vegetables section and saw that sweet potatoes were on sale. Getting the idea to make dinner; I got permission from my dad to put the prospective adventure into the cart. Getting home, I hopped on the computer and used my best friend Google to find a recipe for sweet potatoes.

One of the first entries was for grilled sweet potatoes. As I had never used a grill, I thought, ‘how hard could it be?’ The grill I had was a small one meant for hamburgers, so only a few pieces of seasoned slices of goodness got on the grill.

The savory smell of the brown sugar melting wafted through the kitchen, making my stomach whine and my mouth water. So I snacked a bit. No harm done except to diminish the amount of sweetness to eat later.

The Grilled Sweet Potato dish serves four and costs approximately $5.00- 6.00. It’s great with steamed carrots and pulled pork, and has a savory taste.

For the average family, this is a great dish that is prepared in 10 minutes and only takes 20 minutes to cook. Making a grand total of a mere 30 min, if one can resist the yummy fragrance that long.

Also, the recipe is versatile in taste as the spicy or sweetness is dependent upon the chef.  It can be a favorite of both sweet and spicy people alike.

Directions on how to make this deliciously, healthy treat are in the link below.



Photo credit: Amy Weed