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Barbie: Review


Barbie, the film based off the doll that has taken over home since the 1960s, has taken the world by storm having a box-office of $1.44 billion. Having Barbie fans excited to see the films, but also attracting an array of other audiences.


Barbie includes Margot Robbie playing “Barbie” and Ryan Gosling playing the role of “Ken.” The film goes through a path where equality is challenged by men and women, ultimately concluding equality is needed to be practiced by all. It also follows a second storyline leading the viewers through the hardships of “Gloria” played by America Ferrera. Gloria learns to build her self-confidence throughout the movie as well as build a deeper relationship with her daughter. 


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The movie was extremely compassionate, pulling in its viewers to hope for a better world. This movie was great at being realistic, while promoting a better society. It touched somewhat sensitive topics allowing for viewers to empathize with the characters and develop their own self-confidence. The movie was extremely motivating. 


The creators also took this as an opportunity to redevelop the brand of Barbie. Barbie has had a sore reputation of misrepresenting to young girls promoting unrealistic images. Though this movie noted the career barbies and showing young girls they can be and do anything they choose to. Renaming the brand as a motivation for young girls to become their best selves.


The critical reviews are scoring the movie in high 80s. Which I believe is extremely agreeable. Many reviewers scored the movie even higher, but were weighed by extremely low reviews. The low reviews made note of the past poor reputation of Barbie, and believed it was a bad idea to create the movie. 


Some of the movie’s strong points include the already popular brand the movie is centered around. As well as the popular fight for equality in society attracted other viewers as well. The movie had an attractive appearance paired with great messages drawing viewers into the theaters.


In terms of acting, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and America Ferrera all delivered fantastic performances allowing you to see the characters develop throughout the film. They also perform the messages out in a well understood way. The other actors/actresses within the film also brought it to its notable quality. In short, the acting in the film is what brought the ideas and feelings to life.


Overall, I would give the film a 5 out of 5. This movie is extremely appealing to a teen audience touching on subjects they are battling. The film is great for the development of our society for the better. Allowing these messages to be presented is a step in the right direction for our world.

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