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Charlotte in one of her very cool outfits

   Walking around school, it’s easy to see many different colors and styles within the school. Dark shoes, pink pants, matching hoodies, or a leather jacket. All of these are clothes and fashion choices made by students at FHS. Whether it be the new and trendy “clean girl aesthetic” or maybe it’s more of a casual grunge look, or even something super pink and girly, everyone has some sort of style that they fit into. 

   “My favorite outfit is a big oversized black sweater, a dark gray ankle length skirt, and gray combat boots” Charlotte, a student at FHS said.

   Charlotte is a senior this year and is someone who, in my opinion, is very fashionable. She defines her personal style as lazy goth, described as long skirts, fun shoes, and dark natural colors alongside bright pops of color in her outfits. She is a bit of a perfectionist in her style so every piece of her outfit is definitely intentional.

   “When I go to make an outfit, it’s very deliberate…if it doesn’t turn out exactly the way I’d like it to, I probably won’t wear it” Charlotte said.

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   Now of course, style doesn’t just happen, it takes work and thought to put together an outfit. The best way to go about finding a style is gathering influences and just finding what is generally most comfortable. For Charlotte, she is influenced by random artists such as Yugo Limbo and Pat Perry and also just from the way she grew up.

   “I grew up surrounded by interesting goth and punk people in my dad’s music scene, so it’s something I’ve always had a soft spot for,” Charlotte continued on saying “Ever since then, I’ve been interested in the music and aesthetics of that specific style, and I recently started wearing those outfits because they make me happy. I feel most like myself when I express myself that way.”

   And honestly, being happy in what you’re wearing is one of the most important things in fashion. Style is a great way to express yourself and your interests in daily life. This is a thought that Mrs. Yokhana, our design teacher at Fraser, very much follows. 

   Mrs. Yokhana teaches the fashion design course at Fraser, this is similar to a sewing class but with a bit more focus on the artistry of fashion design. Due to this, she sees many students and therefore different fashion styles throughout the day.

   “Obviously I see 200 kids every couple of days so I see so many different things…(I notice) anything that’s different for that individual or just for that day,” Yohkana said. “I just love that fashion is a sense of expression for each individual, it’s a way to say something without saying something, and I love that, I love that everyone is different.”



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