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2018-2019 Staff

Emma Guzman

Emma Guzman is a senior at FHS. She is a professional musician, writer, and cat enthusiast.

Annie Williams

Hi, I'm Annie and I'm a senior. This is my fourth year of being part of the flash and I love it. I love writing and being part of a great staff of other journalist, and I'm looking forward to this year. I'm also part of colorguard,...

Olivia King

Hi! My name is Olivia King. I'm a senior this year and hope to continue with my editing experience to make our paper better. I have recently completed an apprenticeship with the Detroit Free Press and had three articles published...

Mackenzie Bisdorf

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Bisdorf! I'm a sophomore this year, and I'm super excited to start writing for The Flash. My favorite pastimes are hanging out with my friends, reading, and writing. I also enjoy joining sports. I am currently...

Aron Geml

Hi! My name is Aron, I'm a junior and I'm currently the sports editor and reporter on the flash. I also host my own sports talk show every week called The Hot Seat Sports Talk and is up on Youtube every week! So go and check it...

Geoffrey Martin

Geoffrey Martin is a junior at FHS. He enjoys reading and watching TV. History and politics are his driving interests, however he also has a passion for writing in a variety of ways. He's involved in Journalism as a Flash Contributor...

Haley Warrington

Hi! My name is Haley Warrington and I'm a reporter for the Flash. I'm a senior this year and have always loved writing in any sense. I enjoy working with this amazing staff and hope to improve my writing in any way possible.

Summer Dunning

Hi! My name is Summer Dunning, I am a Sophomore this year. I am apart of Student Council, 4a's, band, and soccer. I have always loved writing about basically everything. This year I hope to advance in my skills as a writer.

Gracie Hand

Hi! My name is Gracie Hand and I am a freshman this year. I love writing and expressing my thoughts on paper for people to read and enjoy. Journalism is very interesting to me and I am excited to start writing for The Flash. I...

Taylor Dixon

Coming soon

Jamie Flanagan

James ‘Jamie’ Flanagan combines his passions for working with young people, journalism, and broadcasting. He is an English teacher who advises for the yearbook, the school paper The Flash, the Literary Magazine, and the broa...

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