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Orange Leaf Craze

Orange Leaf Craze

January 24, 2017

El Charro Deal

Tylah Fortson, Writer/Editor

March 24, 2015

The latest news floating in the halls of our beloved high is the wanted support for the Fraser Educational Foundation. The objective of the foundation is to, in their words, “enhance teacher creativity, student enrichment and community involvemen...

Royal Bengal Indian Cuisine

Amy Weed, Co-editor

September 18, 2014

On my brother, Daniel’s, birthday, we went out for dinner to celebrate. His first choice was Thai food. The women of the family rejected it: neither my mom nor I were keen on the idea. His second choice was Chinese, and it was,...

Central Station Food Review

December 13, 2013

I was greeted with an excited “hello” and a gleaming smile from a waitress with bright eyes when walking into the small, family- friendly Central Station Restaurant on the north- west corner of Garfield and Moravian. With a very laid-back, easy going attitude, the woman insisted that I s...

New Famous Fraser Grill Review

November 1, 2013

Walking into the new Famous Fraser Grill restaurant on the corner of 15 and Utica, I was greeted by a young lady missing a smile, who surely didn’t speak English as her first language. I was escorted through an arrangement...

Sweet Treats

October 11, 2013

Potatoes are one of the most consumed vegetable in the United States. With this nutritious vegetable, there are many ways to prepare it. The way I tried was to use the all mighty grill. This yummy dish is called Grilled Sweet...

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