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Parenting In High School

Jaclyn Rapp, Flash Staff Contributer

February 7, 2019

  Parenting is a big step in life, a time where you are responsible for a life and take care of it. Also to make sure that life becomes a good person, but parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual. At Fras...

Safety Improvements Made at Fraser High School

Kaitlyn Lesher, Author

October 18, 2018

Fraser High School recently made an effort to improve safety at their school; not only physically, but mentally In March of 2017, a safety expert from Macomb County Office of Emergency Management visited the district and help...

Jazz at Cliff Bell's

Jazz at Cliff Bell’s

February 16, 2018

The Fraser Bond

The Fraser Bond

March 14, 2017

Anton Art Center Secondary Show Features

Madison Mitchell, Flash Reporter

March 6, 2017

Fraser High School takes great pride in their art programs. Each year, Fraser holds an art show for the extraordinary students [artists] and features their work at the school and other local, state, and nationwide art shows. Each...

After awards, HOSA members pose for a photo. From left to right: Cheyenne Kucinski, Carly Landry, Allison Stevenson, Ryan Querro, Marcella Miller, Aaliyah Holt, Alex Moskos, Elizabeth Avila, Shelbie Schwall, Shelby Wichtner, Sarah Boguslaw, Olivia Willems, Mrs. Van-I.
Not pictured: Jack Baranski, Sara Froude, McKayla Latshaw, Mackayla Jacklin, Ana Alexandrova, Katie Allison, Kayla Cross, Courtney Oltman.

HOSA Regional Results

February 7, 2017

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