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Super Mario Maker Creates A Name For Itself

Joe Bresso, Flash Reporter

February 5, 2016

Filed under Gaming

Have you ever wanted to make your own soul crushingly difficult or unthinkably creative levels for the Super Mario series? Well now with the new release for the Wii U you can make rage inducing, screen filled, and impossibly...

Panic! About a New Album

Panic! About a New Album

January 15, 2016

“What Do You Mean?”

“What Do You Mean?”

November 4, 2015

Marching Band Festival Ratings

Angel Bacol, Editor-in-Chief

October 23, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Features, Music

During the half times of a football game, the home school’s marching band would always perform a show for the crowd that they all enjoy. Marching band performances aren’t only for football games, people. They also have competit...

Raffling for Jem and Ed Sheeran

Angel Bacol, Editor-in-Chief

October 15, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, News Briefs

Catching people’s attention is a hard thing to do, especially if you want their attention for more than just a couple minutes. When they do have something that they are interested in, it’s sometimes hard for them to even reach it....

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