A Screening Spirit Week

A Screening Spirit Week

Annie Williams, Writer

Due to the coronavirus, schools across the nation have been closed. This outbreak happened just before Fraser High School spirit week, and so spirit week was cancelled…at least everyone thought.

Student council announced the first virtual spirit week from Monday 16th to Friday 20th. This idea came from student council as a way to make life feel a bit more normal.

“This is an easy and fun way to bring the Fraser family together while we are separated,” saids Justin Babbitt, president of the student council. 

The days are as followed:

Monday – Pajama Day, wear your favorite PJs and post a picture.

Tuesday – Green Day, dress up in all green for saint patricks days and post it online.

Wednesday – Reading Day, post a picture with your favorite book.

Thursday – Spring Color Day, dress up for the springtime.

Friday – Fraser gear day, wear blue, gold, maybe even glitter, and deck out in Fraser colors and clothes.

Students will take pictures of themselves for each day and post on social media platforms with #Fraserfamily. Student council hopes that it will be a good way to make everyone feel better about the current situation of the coronavirus.

“I think it’s cool. I mean since we’re all locked in we might as well try to make things as normal as possible,” saids Lauren Pryor, a senior who thinks this is pretty neat.

This week is for bringing together the fraser community and letting everyone stay connected. Allows everyone to stay strong together during this pandemic.

“Such a good way to stay connected to each other during this epidemic crisis,” saids Alaiya Harris, another senior who likes this idea.

Although it’s not ideal to have a digital spirit week, it is still better than having none and to gives students’a way to have fun.

“I’m hoping, just as much as everyone else, that we can all celebrate a normal, in person spirit week very soon”  Babbitt saids.

So ramblers join in on this online party! Post yourself in your spirit wear with #fraserfamily and tag your friends and family. Most importantly remember to stay safe and practice social distancing and enjoy this spirit week . 

image made by Student Council

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