Ban Little Kids From Pageants

Annie Williams, Writer



 An event with tens to thousands of people participate to be judged by their looks, and then a little for personality and talent. From Ms. Knoxville to Ms. USA to Miss. Universe, all these competitions can be damaging to the participants. From being judged by their body, how fulll their hair is, and compared to 50 other people it can be stressful for these young starlets, especially if they are still in diapers. 

Baby and toddler pageants are popular amongst parents. Dressing up their daughter and showing how cute she is to the world, it’s a fun experience for moms and dads; however, it is not fun for the kids and is an awful experience. The little kids are under massive amounts of stress to their best, get picked on for every ‘ugly’ thing about them, and their self confidence goes down their gutter. For some kids who do win, it goes over their heads and they become spoiled little brats.

The pageants participants are judged by every little thing. From how their makeup looks, to their dress, to the way they walk. The participants can’t breathe, but when it comes to being a little kid it becomes 10x worse. Instead of watching cartoons and playing with their toys, they have to worry about how they will look and perfect their image. If their image isn’t deemed ‘perfect’ then they are torn apart bit by bit. It creates a lot of pressure for them and when they don’t win they feel like they are worthless. Pageants are a toxic environment for little kids to be in and depletes their happiness.

On the flipside, when kids do win a pageant and get a crown it makes their self confidence turn into an extreme ego. They become spoiled, expecting to win everything. Pageants toddler queens become more bossy and rude to people as well, making them really think they are royalty. Putting these kids on such a high pedestal makes them spoiled and also makes them fall harder when they lose. Losing one competition out of many won competitions can ruin the kid. They go into tantrums and are crushed they didn’t get the crown. When they do get the crown their ego becomes bigger.

Pageants are double edged swords: Losing makes the participants feel like trash while winning makes them feel better than everybody else. These competitions tarnishes a kids’ childhood; therefore, little kid and baby pageants should not be a thing. Pageants should be for people 16+ and not 3+. Kids should be worried about what cereal they’re going to eat instead of how to smile in front of hundreds of people.


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