Faulty Feminism?

Faulty Feminism?

Annie Williams, Flash Staff Reporter

Feminism is a movement that started in the late 20th century and at first was about equality for each sex. It was meant to advocate for women’s’ rights and was a wave for people to be equal among each other despite gender, race, etc. Today’s modern feminist is very different all over the world, but it has become a bit messy in the West. There are many western feminists that have taken the word “feminism” and change it to mean women are better than men or used it to deal with silly, small issues such as manspreading.

For me, I do believe that women deserve rights, and that everyone that’s good should be treated as equals no matter race or gender, but western feminists have been ruining the term feminism for many people. Western feminists have been taking action over small things such as hotel shampoos and man spreading when there are bigger issues such as discrimination in the workplace based on gender, sexual misconduct, and rape which is still one of the highest crimes that has barely decreased in the past couple of years. Western Feminism also hasn’t helped people much in other places. In some countries there are still many women that are put in jail just for showing their shoulders or are stuck being a house maid and nothing more. Yet there are some women in the U.S that are doing nothing to try to help and are still focused on hotel shampoo.

Also many feminists nowadays have taken female empowerment as a way to hate men. There are even some that talk about killing all men and are actually serious. This hatred of men is completely opposite of what feminism meant. Feminism meant for equality for all, yet these so called ‘feminists’ completely butchered it and used it in a hateful manner.

Feminism has become a joke now and not many people take it seriously. Mostly because of these messed up western feminists that are doing idiotic things like pouring bleach on manspreaders. There are much more bigger issues than a man sitting with his legs open such as discrimination in the workplace based on race and gender or abuse. Also western feminists are so worried about a man taking up to much space on a seat when there are woman in Saudi Arabia not allowed to drive. Western feminists need to stop dealing with issues that aren’t important or doing anything harmful and should instead focus on actual issues. There are many issues that some western feminists haven’t help in that need to be dealt with. Also some western feminists that are hateful to men or have attacked innocent men shouldn’t call themselves feminists. Being a feminist means believing in equality for all, and these feminists who are hateful to men are not a real feminists. Western feminists needs to change their focus on issues and stop being hateful or more and more people will take feminism as a joke.


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