Parenting In High School

Jaclyn Rapp, Flash Staff Contributer


Parenting is a big step in life, a time where you are responsible for a life and take care of it. Also to make sure that life becomes a good person, but parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

At Fraser High School there is a one semester parenting class which not only shows the students birth and explains how it works, but it also gives each student a baby to take care of for a few nights or so.

“The class is very educational, and taught me many new things about how parenting really is,” said Summer Dunning, a student who took the course.

Many of the students at FHS have taken this class and had many good things to say about it.

“It was a good experience because it shows you how unprepared kids are, how hard, and time consuming it is, “ said Jack Lehr, a Fraser Junior, “ I believe that this class prepares you for the future and benefits you for babysitting now if it’s a younger kid. Overall, the class taught me skills I would use.”

The class to some seem like an easy A, but two students said that this class was difficult, yett a fun challenge.

One of these students was Douglass Jewell who said, “ The class was not only as fun as I pictured, but it had a fair amount of hard work.”

The teacher, Ms. Yokana added how good of an opportunity it is because of all the lessons it teaches the students about family life and kids.

“My students are all very hard working, “ said Yokana, “This class teaches you the fundamentals of child care and gives you a learning experience unlike any other class.”

The parenting class gave a positive impact on the students who took the class not just by helping with child care but also preparing for a possible family in the future.