From China to Guam then to Michigan

Mya Scranton, Author

People all around the world, divided by ethnicity, religion, and culture have the opportunity to join with one another by traveling country to country and spreading diversity world-wide. In the state of Michigan is a small four squared mile radius city known as Fraser. Fraser offers a wide variety of cultural, religion, and nationality to learn from, as the people of Fraser are very accepting.


For example, a senior at the Fraser High School, Jessica Huang, was born and raised in China but later moved to the States for a chance to better her education. Jessica was born in China in the year 2000 and had stayed there until 2014.


Since 2014, her life has been moving forward at a fast pace. Her brother, Joe Huang, had struggled to make it into high school in China, so he and his Aunt were going to go to the United States to further his education. However, Jessica could not let her older brother go to a new country by himself, so she talked with her parents, and went to the States, as well.

Although Jessica and her brother were about to make a huge move to States, they had to say good-bye to their beloved parents, as they did not have a green card in order to go with them.


Jessica, Joe, and their Aunt all moved to Guam for 1 ½ years to learn english. They had only stayed in Guam for 1 ½ years to learn English; however, there were so many Chinese people in Guam that they would translate for Jessica and her brother that they were not actually learning any English. So, in the year 2016, they made the decision to move to Michigan, as a hope to learn proper English and to continue on their journey of bettering their education.

When Jessica found out she was officially moving to the United States, she did not want to leave her friends and family behind. As she realized that the move was for the best, a long chapter of her life was ending, but luckily a new one was beginning to be written.


In 2016, Jessica had finally settled into their new life in Fraser, Michigan and attended Fraser High School. At first, it wasn’t easy making new friends, as she was still working on her English. Luckily for Jessica, the people of Fraser are very open and accepting and she eventually made some amazing friends. Jessica had joined the Girls Varsity Tennis and the Girls Varsity Swim Team, and through these sports, she not only achieved athleticism, but she had gained a lifelong group of friends that she is able to call family.

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