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Genders and Sexualities Club Created This Year

Eva Steepe, Flash Contributor

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At a school that has 1600 people, it can be easy to feel alone in the sea of students.  This is why it’s so important to find a place, a club or a team, in which you can become part of something bigger than yourself.  Fortunately at Fraser there is truly a place for everyone.


This year, many of you have probably seen the posters on the wall declaring that “The Genders and Sexualities Club will be meeting on Mondays until 3:30 in 1706.”  This club is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.  It is a place where individuals can get together and discuss both themselves and the reality of the world around them.


This club was founded by two freshmen: Riley Wood and Parisse Paige. One of the main reasons they formed the club was because there was not a club like it at Fraser.

“ I wanted a safe place to talk about stuff with peers because it isn’t talked about at home,” Paige said. “ It’s a place to talk to everyone and every opinion is valid and appreciated.”

The club has an open atmosphere, according to Wood.


The club discusses topics such as abuse, sexualities, and relationships in general.  They are also trying to fundraise.

Wood and Paige faced many challenges creating the club. Wood stated that it was easy to form the club but the main problem was finding the numbers to continue to grow it.  They also encouraged potential members to attend a meeting to see what it was like.


The best thing about this club is that it’s for both members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as non-members.

The club is a safe space to come to and that everyone is welcome Wood explained.

They said that this is a club that allows its members to be who they truly are as well as to bond with others like them in an environment that does not necessarily allow that to occur.


The Gender and Sexualities Club is important in today’s world due to the fact it provides a community for those who need one as well as helps form bonds between people who may not have realized their similarities.  In a large high school, it’s easy to get lost.  This club gives the opportunity for some of the 1600 students here at Fraser to not feel so alone anymore.

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Genders and Sexualities Club Created This Year