Orange Leaf Craze

Lauren Flores , The Flash Staff Writer

The newest addition to the Fraser school store isn’t new merchandise, but a mini frozen yogurt shop. Orange Leaf has grown in popularity around the country ever since the franchise has opened its doors. The school store doesn’t fail to disappoint because it has three flavors that can be sold during the different lunch periods.

“The three flavors are wedding cake, cookies and cream, and cheesecake,” Yasmeen Kerek, senior who works at the Orange Leaf store said.

The Orange Leaf school store has been in huge demand ever since the first day it opened. The frozen yogurt has been selling for $3.50 for a cup.

“The first day we opened we had 50 people come in and it sold out by second lunch and today we probably sold 40 and it’s only third lunch,” Kerek said.

Perhaps, the reason why the Orange Leaf school store is in such high demand is because the Orange Leaf franchise is recognizable and many people enjoy the flavors that the shops offer.

“Orange Leaf is different than the smoothies we sell because it’s such a generic name, Orange Leaf is a specific brand name,” Kerek said.

Out of all the three flavors sold, wedding cake is the most popular flavor. Outside of the school store, students enjoy other flavors.

“My favorite flavor is the brownie batter one,” Olivia King, sophomore, said.

Since most people enjoy eating desserts and ice cream, it’s understandable why frozen yogurt is no different. Orange Leaf locations have expanded and have been popping up everywhere.

“Everybody likes ice cream and Orange Leaf has been a big deal over the past couple of years, so when it came to this school, people took the chance to get it,” King said.

Based on the way the Orange Leaf school store is headed, the store will have room to grow even more in popularity and improve the store and options available. Toppings will be coming out soon and there will just as much demand for the delicious frozen yogurt.