A Day in the Life of a Butcher Student

Olivia King, Flash Reporter

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The Macomb Math Science Technology Center, MMSTC, or Butcher, is a school that specializes in math, science, and technology. The students that attend excel in these subjects and take advanced courses at the school. Each class is about an hour and pushes the students involved to do their very best.

“In order for a student to get into Butcher, a student needs a teacher recommendation, good grades from previous years, and to have previously taken an advanced math course,” freshmen biology and Advanced Research Biology teacher, Mr.Estapa said.

Students are also required to take an entrance exam the summer before their upcoming year. 84 students with the best score are chosen to attend Butcher.

Recently, the Butcher students have completed the Cube in a Cube project for their GAT, or math class. It is an origami project that was created to help the students find the surface area and volume of different shapes. Along with the cube, students were required to write an 8-page paper, explaining how the cube was assembled and how the given equations are used to solve problems. In every one of the Butcher classes, projects are often used to help the students progress and learn.

“In biology, the students do a lot projects that fit into larger projects. They also do labs and long term research,” Estapa said.

Interdisciplinary Studies, or IDS, is a class that sets out to improve knowledge of technology and how to use it.

“In IDS, I make sure students have a clear rubric, plan for success, and give them lots of time with their partners to work on projects,” IDS teacher Mrs.Gravel said.

Some of the students at Butcher go to both Fraser High School and Butcher, spending half a day at each school.

“The work is a bit overwhelming, but if you get things done in class and start your homework early, it’s fine,” Madison Scally said.

Naturally, on top of homework, the students have to prepare for tests and quizzes in order to keep their grades up, and that can be very time consuming.

“The work is challenging. It definitely makes you think. Once you get a hold of things, it becomes easier to understand. Depending on the subject or test, I study one to three hours. I usually spend twenty  minutes to an hour on Butcher homework,” Hannah Rehman said.

This school requires a lot of work and dedication from their students. Students can get scholarships and many other opportunities from attending Butcher and getting good grades. To them, all of the work is worth it.

“I really do like this school and the program. As hard as it is, I have met a lot of new friends and learned a lot of new things. The projects and tests are hard, but it teaches you life skills as well,” Brianne Cochill said.

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