The Girl Football Player

  0033 F FB cropped Being the only girl on the football team never sounded so easy, Victoria Stamper she   never really wanted easy.

      “I joined football to get more aggressive for soccer,” Stamper said.

   She got her wish with hard and extensive practices; she works on being a great football player. With bumps and bruises, she worked past all of that to maintain her goal of becoming a better athlete.

   “She’s a team player,” Fishburn mentions.

   Starting from an early age, Stamper has made it a point to be an athlete. She has played soccer since she was three years old, and hopes to do many other sports this year. Not including football, she wants to be in soccer. If soccer doesn’t work out for her, track is her next choice

   “First time coaching a girl in 17 years of coaching football,” Coach Fishburn said.

   Being a girl, many would think that she’s treated differently like a piece of glass; Coach Robinson makes sure she’s treated like one of the guys. Having a girl on the team doesn’t always mean different rules for everyone; in fact the coaches make it that way so that no one is treated differently on the team. Of course you have the basic changes as in; Stamper doesn’t have to wear a cup. Other than that however, nothing is really different. Same pads used to protect the body from hits, the same dress code is required, and no one disrespects that fact that she’s a tough cookie. Coaches make sure she’s not treated any differently on the field either; she’s a football player so she’s meant to be treated as one.

   “I’m pretty much treated like everyone else. In fact, one time we all were doing hitting drills and they don’t really like hitting me. Coach Robinson said, ‘she has a helmet and pads on, hit her!’ I find it really funny when that happens,” Stamper said reminiscing on football practices.

   Football is not the only sport on the agenda for the young athlete, Stamper wants to, and plans to go for soccer later on in the year, and if possible would like to go out for the track teams as well. With the plan to quit football, she’ll be leaving a memory of a life time.

   “She came to practice, did what she and to and made herself part of the team, what she does with her future is up to her,” Fishburn said.